We are Science people!

We are a knowledge-based company that not only has experience, but we also use proven science to come up with innovative solutions that work to create balanced harmonious waterways! Commercial, Agricultural and Residential projects Big or small. From zoological exhibits to oil refineries, we have solutions to improve our environment naturally.

What we do:

Consult with you and discuss the situation to find out possible causes: changes in maintenance routine, recent power outages, accidental introduction of chemicals etc. Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily with the use of harmful chemicals. Just ask us….

Pond Assessment & Consulting Services

Our family has been in the pond business since 1987, specializing in lakes & ponds of all shapes and sizes from State & Federal Waterways, Agriculture Farm or Ranch Cattle Ponds, Retention Ponds for Irrigation of crops, to small Residential Ponds. We have expertise in pond habitat, design, large pond assessment, wetlands rehabilitation, fish health, aquatic plants for oxygenation and erosion control, pond pumps and pond filtration equipment. With this experience, we can provide expert pond consulting services to build a better, balanced natural eco-system, naturally!

Lake/Pond Assessment & Rehabilitation

Large natural ponds, farm ponds or retention ponds often accumulate leaves, muck and other organic debris. This layer of organic sediment increases in depth each year, consuming oxygen and releasing nutrients into the pond that cause poor water quality, clarity and increased weed growth. A typical indicator that a pond has a heavy layer of sludge is that it becomes overgrown with filamentous algae such as spirogyra or chara.  There are many solutions that can reverse these effects, such proper stocking of the correct types of aquatic livestock, plants, diffused aeration systems and natural bacterial additives.  We can  assess your pond and suggest the proper course of action that will greatly improve the appearance of your pond.  

Pond Maintenance Education

We can teach you the right way to care for your waterway, naturally! Using beneficial microbial bacteria is probably the number one thing you must learn about! Establishing volume, function, and goals with your waterway will help us help you, get things balanced and running properly the way mother nature intended.

Pond Design Services

We can design ponds of any size, from pondless waterfalls, water gardens or koi ponds. We can work with you to help create a properly functioning, low maintenance pond!  

Fish Health Consulting

Occasionally even the most seasoned pond keeper can have problems with sick koi, goldfish, or gamefish. Fish disease is often linked to poor water quality, which stresses the fish enough to make them vulnerable to parasites and bad bacteria that are naturally found in the water. Fish that are unusually lethargic, gasping at the surface, sitting on the bottom, have their fins clamped close to their bodies, or segregate themselves away from the rest of the other fish are all signs of problems. If noticed and acted upon quickly, disasters can usually be avoided. If left untreated, serious and devastating outbreaks of parasites, fungus, ulcers or or other bacteria infections can wipe out a pond full of fish.

Professional Lab Water Testing Services:

You can send your lake or pond sample to us! Recycle an old drinking water bottle  and mail your sample from your water to us. We only need about 4 to 6 ounces, and it can be mailed priority mail to us.  We have one of the least expensive water testing pricing menus out there! Pricing will be determined on the type of project you have and the testing needs you require. We will quote your lab fees based on your project. Basic water test starts at $140, with advanced ATP plate counts for $172, as well as other testing services. We will test the water quality and measure the parameters of some very important things such as your current living bacteria load (ATP Plate count), as well as the common tests such as  Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrates, Phosphates, Chlorine, and other tests to see where you are and establish data on your waterway.  We're gonna be friends for a long time once we begin our pond consulting relationship, so this data will be good to have down the road to compare with future test results and document your improvements/progress. 

Filtration Upgrade Design Consultation

Sometimes the filter that once worked well, is no longer adequate for your pond. As fish grow and multiply, the increased bio-load overworks filters that may have once been adequate. Or maybe you are looking for a filter that is much easier to maintain. Whatever the situation, we can provide several different options to give you the results you want.

Water Quality and Clarity Issues Consulting
Occasionally, ponds go through stages of rampant string algae growth, poor water clarity or water quality issues. We will do a thorough inspection of the pond design, equipment, filtration, fish load, maintenance practices etc. to determine the possible causes and recommend solutions.

If you would like a professional water consultant to physically come to a jobsite we can do that too. Let’s start by filling out the contact us form below. Give us some short basic info about your project and we will schedule a detailed consulting call with you and get things rolling in the right direction!