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We specialize in building beneficial natural eco-systems from common agriculture retention or cattle ponds. In years past, or decades for that matter, many farmers have used harmful chemicals to keep canals, and retention ponds clean so their systems wouldn’t clog up with algae. We can help you build a complete biotope with over-the-phone or in-person direction and consultation, microbial bacteria, as well as the plants, fish & snails you’ll need to begin creating perfection. Everything can be shipped to your door, or for larger projects we come to you! 


Creating a natural balanced eco-system will sustain itself, and your only ongoing maintenance will be the addition of beneficial microbial bacteria. We know through science that these aquabiotic enzymes can create a balanced eco-system that bad organisms and protozoa cannot survive in! Think about that for a second! That’s huge! Of course EVERYONE  feels better knowing their cattle ate alfalfa that was irrigated by healthy water full of fish poop and probiotics in it!  It’s a no-brainer.


More farmers are changing their irrigation practices as many buyers of produce or beef are only interested in offering organically-grown or herbicide/pesticide-free products. 

With the continued education and increasing awareness of how important it is to conserve and preserve our planet, company’s like ours with over 3 decades of experience are needed! …even it’s just a small portion of our world, EVERYTHING we do is done with good intent and we will help you build an efficient eco-system that will give back! Imagine catching your own healthy fish from your very own water!



Environmentalism is not a choice, it is everyone’s obligation to preserve & conserve this planet and protect nature while we are here.


Golf Course ponds & private home ponds benefit as well! Our farm grows 1000’s of varieties of plants & fish species that will compliment and improve  your biotope! We can help establish an initial stocking of livestock and required bacteria to get things rolling in the right direction, but this time without chemicals!  If you irrigate your turf with your pond water such as a “pass-thru” pond, you will see incredible results  with using water that has been naturally treated with the right livestock and how it will dramatically improve turf greens and eliminate the need for expensive  fertilizers.

Our practices and methods overall improve nature and has no adverse effects on our environment. Our customers rely on us for comprehensive, in-depth assessments of the needs and challenges they face, and we are there to help for the long term. As long as you have us involved in your project, we will help guide you. Our broad range of specialty services ensures complete satisfaction is the end result. Explore our many service offerings below or contact the experts at AgWest today to discuss your lake and pond management needs. Private Lakes, Ponds, Fountains, Cattle Ponds, Retention Ponds, Federal or Tribal Lakes, HOA Ponds, we CAN help!!  Let’s get it done!


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